Lego Storage Solutions

Kids' toys are their treasures. They will fight over it, they will cry if they lose some. The backbone of every child's development is a decent amount of playtime and nourishment. But at a point, you will lose control of where each toy is and how soft was the carpet without them lying around. When you reach that point, you will want to have read this tutorial. We'll show you how easily it is to store Lego blocks. Actually, how simple it is for you, not your kid, to build a system that will keep Lego blocks neatly and in order. Sure, you can buy an all plastic kids toy storage organizer from Amazon, but it's way simpler to make one. Jus take any drawer or bookcase which you will normally use to place your TV on and transform it into a perfect toy organizer. A few plastic trays or baskets are necessary. Just drill some slots into the sides of the shelves and push the trays in them. Stick some labels (or draw directly onto) with the appropriate definition of what they contain. Yellow for the yellow blocks, wheels for the wheels and so forth and so on. Now all you have to do is pick up every toy after your child is done playing. Now, you didn't expect the storage organizer to magically make your kid more organized? Have fun!


>> Amazon – Kids toy storage organizer <<

>> Amazon – Kids toy storage organizer <<