Log Cabin Interiors Design Ideas

The country house.To be far away from the noise and the bustle of the town, we opt for a house at the outskirts or for one placed in a rural area. The country house represents, for many persons, a vacation or weekend home, where they choose to spend the warmest days of the summertime.
The comfort is essential to have a successful vacation, and it is because of this reason why some people avoid spending their time at countryside. The rural houses are endowed with ventilated and spacious rooms, but, because of their rural style, some of them seem being deprived of comfort.
Still, an old rural house can also be stylish and elegant, and, at the same time, can provide the same comfort as an urban house. You can give a new ‘look’ to your house by using old, traditional objects, found on site or by changing radically the rural aspect of the house, by using modern decorative objects.
But a house placed in the heart of the nature requests to be adorned with as many natural things as possible. Therefore, the specific chromatic palette of such a decoration is made up of pale shades, while the furniture is made of wood, its too many ornaments being left aside. Both the ceiling and the floor have a massive wood based structure which, if there are not deteriorated, it is not advisable for you to replace them.
The ceiling and the floor – generally, in old houses, both the ceiling and the floor are of massive wood, painted in natural colors which we suggest you to leave them as they are (maybe just to restore them, in case they are deteriorated).
The walls – as a rule, they are commonly white. They can be improved by using natural or decorative stones – a new material keeping the same rustic shade, or they can be painted in retro colors, as green, orange, brown, mustard yellow, purple, dark pink, turquoise, blue, combinations of black, white and red; all of them are suitable for a retro-styled house.
The windows dispose of frames made of wood, often painted in white. Not even here can you make great changes, taking into account the fact that the windows doesn’t fit the overall architectural style of the house. But you can give some color to the wood frames choosing a shade in accord to the ones of the curtains and the drapes. On the other hand, most of the changes could vise the furniture and the decorations of the rooms. The extant furniture could be restored or replaced with one of the ‘classical furniture’ category. Made of massive wood, this will contrast the floor and the ceiling, and the final outcome is both impressive and elegant.
As each detail matters when it comes to interior decorations, don’t forget the object dedicated to this purpose only. The decorative pillows may give a vintage aspect if you use a thick material, of a sac; the lightening objects made of wire and covered with textiles can be easily integrated in the setting, while some vases for flowers made of small sticks will enliven the room. In order to create a transition between the interior and the exterior, you can also fit out a terrace or a verandah. Also, to gain space, transform the loft of the house in a guests’ room, a children’s room, a bedroom or a relaxation area.