Learn How To Fold Butterflies Out Of Paper

As you already know paper is one of the essential supplies when it comes to DIY projects. You can create almost anything out of it, from gift cards to bags and even some smaller pieces of furniture. But still, one of the most intriguing techniques when it comes to paper is the origami or paper folding. The great thing about it is that you basically start with a simple piece of paper, but the result is something amazing. So today, you are going to learn how to fold butterflies out of paper, which you can afterwards use in your future craft projects.
You will only need a piece of paper that has the following size: 13x13 cm. Take the paper and fold it in half. Unfold the paper and fold it again, the opposite way you did it first. After this unfold again.  Turn the paper with its bottom up and fold it diagonally. Unfold, then fold it the opposite way and unfold again. Take the sides and push them in the middle of the square.  Fold the sides of the paper towards the middle and turn the paper again and rotate it 180 degrees. Fold its bottom to the upper part and pull the tip to the opposite side. Try and not to push the sides of the paper down. Take the butterfly and fold it in the middle and that is all. You can use the folded butterfly to decorate a gift you bought for someone’s birthday or make several butterflies and hang the somewhere in your room.