Transform a Regular Dining Table Into a Very Nice Pool Table

When it comes to entertainment, we would like to have most of the facilities in one place. That's why intricate entertainment units (that combine TV with internet and audio systems) have such a huge success among fun lovers. And when you thought there isn't anything more left to see in this area, we are pleased to show you this awesome luxurious Billiards and Dining Table Model with Flap Table. What this piece of furniture actually is, as clearly seen in the images, is a table which can easily transform itself from a regular coffee or dining table, into a very nice pool table. The top opening covers greatly a billiard table which is high-quality and will definitely save you much-needed space for other types of activities (like a board games night). The special hinges installed in the table can be opened at 270 degrees in order to make room for the billiards surface. The table has drawers for the set of balls, as well as a triangle, 6 pieces of chalk and 4 extra cue tips. Two cues are also provided. It comes in various sizes and you can have it in the color you desire to match the décor of the room you place it in. The product is completely manufactured from MDF in E-1 standard and protected by patents owned by the company. Bottom line is that with this table, you can have a normal yet stylish table while being able to transform it very comfortably into an entertainment opportunity!