Tiny Floating Home

This small floating boathouse, was turned Karen Jenkins and her husband into a nice and cozy home, a place where a family of five enjoys full comfort. The house is almost 50 years old, and when they found it, it was in a bad shape. They bought it, and started searching for ideas of how to design this 220 square feet interior. One of the most challenging things was that the size of a boathouse is restricted to only one-story and they could not use up any more lake space. So after a thorough search, the family decided to make a loft out of the house, to make it look bigger. In order to make the house look like it has a lot of space they installed window dormers so they went up four feet and put in some windows. They also used the 4 foot porch. Some of the studs were damaged by water and thus they had to replace it and had to redo the pluming and electricity. Water and electricity are supplied by the marina and the family chose to use an incinerator toilet. This house is a great example of how to make a tiny space look both big and cozy. It is ideal for a family and also takes you closer to nature.