Learn How To Make a Stylish Gift Bag Out Of Newspaper

You know that annoying thing, when buy a gift for someone and you also having to buy a gift bag too? And it also happens a lot of times that someone simply forgets to buy a gift bag. Then a search begins in your home, when you try to find a gift bag that you have from someone else, just to have something to place your gift in. So this next tutorial will come in handy and will save the day, as you will learn how to make a stylish gift bag out of newspapers.

  You will have to prepare:

  • newspaper sheets;
  • cutter and ruler;
  • cardstock;
  • paper glue;
  • cord;
  • hole punch;

Place two sheets of newspaper on the top of each other. Using two layers of newspaper will make your gift bag last longer. The sheets used in the tutorial have the following size: 5 inch tall, 4.5 inch wide and 3 inches deep, but you can change the dimensions of your bag. If you want your bag to have the same dimensions and the one in the pictures, follow the instructions in the tutorial ( the picture with a diagram) and cut out a rectangle from the paper. Start folding a piece of the paper from the top and one from the bottom and join the two sides. Cut two pieces of cardstock to make the rim of bag and make it more stable. Secure it with glue and fold the bottom of the bag. Apply glue on the bottom of the bag. Cut another piece of cardstock and place it on the bottom of the bag, then secure with glue. Punch holes in the top part of the bag and insert a cord in the holes to make the handles of the gift bag. See how easy and cheap it is to make a gift bag? You can be sure that it will be much more appreciated, than a regular store bought bag.