Modern and Minimalistic Planter

If you like plants and have a lot in your, but you still didn't find the perfect planter for them, you can chill as the search is over. This next tutorial will teach you how to make your own handcrafted planter that is both very modern and minimalistic looking and simple to make. Your plants will no longer just lie around in your home, as they will become a part of the interior decoration. For this craft projects you will need:

·         cardboard;
·         scissors;
·         measuring tape;
·         contact paper (copper colored);
·         plants;
·         knife;
·         glue;

Take your plant and measure the diameter of the pot and the height of it. If it doesn't have a pot, simply measure the plastic container in which it is placed. Then mark the measurements on the piece of cardboard and cut out the shape of the planter. Place the cardboard on the contact paper to see what size you need to cut it, in order to cover it nicely. Mark the sides of the planter, by slightly tracing the sides with a knife. Take off the paper back of the contact paper and place the cardboard on it. Cover the cardboard with the contact paper and fold the ends of it as if you were wrapping a gift. Secure to ends and then fold the cardboard in order to get the shape of your planter. Join the two ends and add a bit of glue to keep them together. Place your plant inside and your new geometric planter is done. Looks really cool and stylish!

Source: curbly