DIY - Personalized Set Of Coasters

Don’t you just hate it when your furniture gets all stained from the bottom of the glasses you put on it? You can avoid this by using coasters and placing your drink on them. This way you’ll protect your furniture. But coasters come in so many shapes and colors and this can make it hard to choose the right one. So instead of wasting time trying to find the perfect coaster, try and make them yourself. Just follow this simple tutorial below and you’ll have a brand new and personalized set of coasters.

 The whole project will take around 2 hours and you will need:

  • four of five ceramic tiles;
  • alcohol based ink;
  • alcohol;
  • sealer;
  • one paintbrush;
  • paint (different colors);
  • rubber pads (for the bottom of the coasters);

Start by applying a coat of alcohol on the ceramic tiles. You can use regular drugstore alcohol as it is much cheaper and works just fine. When you are done with this step, drip small spots of ink on the tiles. Before proceeding to the next color, let the ink dry a bit and this way the colors will blend nicely with each other. Add several colors until the whole surface of the ceramic tile is covered. If you happen to add too much color, just use a paper towel to clean the surplus. When the surface is dry, seal your coasters. Let the sealer dry and paint the sides of the coasters, using the paintbrush. This will make your coasters look more clean and will also cover any ink that was left on the sides. Let the coasters dry and you can start using them the same day. Pretty simple and quite impressive.