Use Green Papaya for Uric Acid Problem

Healthcare is on the lips of every journalist and politician nowadays. And for once, they are talking about a real issue in everyday life of ordinary people. We tend to care more and more about our health, not because there are lots of new and crushing diseases out there, but because it is now easy to treat ourselves right at home. Sure, medicine and modern pharmacology has come a great length into fighting infections and serious illness, but some natural remedies are still working great. Specialists even advise on reducing the amount of antibiotics people use for treatment, and let the immunity system fight its battles. But we can help the immune system get stronger and stronger with a bunch of natural herbs and homemade solutions. Mixing regular green tea with some green papaya cubes will get you impressive results if you got uric acid issues. Or gout for that matter! The effects of drinking regularly this potion will be seen after a couple of weeks.  

All you have to do is:

1. Cut 1 green papaya in little cubes and mix them into boiling water.
2. Add green tea leaves into the water when it starts to boil.
3. Using another papaya as a tea pot, cut off its top and remove the seeds from within.
4. Make a small hole with a sharp knife into the upper side part of the fruit.
5. Pour the tea into it and cover with the top which you cut earlier. 
6. Serve right away!