Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Making the home ready for Easter requires you to prepare at least a couple of eggs in a festive way. We suggest you try and make some Polka Dot patterns on colored eggs. It’s a simple and fun way, because it involves using stickers. Here is what you will need to use in this DIY project:

a cup of water;
a tablespoon of white vinegar;
some boiled white-shell eggs;
food coloring;
simple circle stickers;
a metallic spoon;
ribbons and lace straps;
a basket;

First of all, boil your eggs and work with them after they're cooled off. Apply the round stickers onto each egg. Now, work with a glass of water in which you add the vinegar and food coloring of your choice. Stir with the spoon for a bit. Use the same spoon to dip the egg in for half a minute. You could play with the final shading, leaving the egg in the water more for a darker color and fewer for a lighter one. Take out and dry them before removing the stickers. You can rub the surface with some olive oil to give them a bit of a shine. Congratulations, the Easter Eggs are done! Decorate a basket with ribbons and lace straps, place your eggs in this basket and have a Happy Easter!