Bacon Turtle Cheese Burgers

If clogging your arteries is the main outcome of the meals you ingest, than you will be delighted by this next recipe! Cooking fat-free and with consideration to our weight and health is something we probably all should do. But once in a while, we can indulge in an absurdly greasy snack. Be careful though, this is not for the poorly-hearted. And even though people might think it’s a little disturbing, nothing beats the looks of eating a real burnt turtle but the incredible taste of bacon, cheese and meat mix. In order to cook some of these burgers, grab:
two six-packs of hot-dogs sausages;
half a kilo slices of bacon;
a couple packs of cheese (sliced);
a pack of meat;

Begin by building your burger with meat and cheese. The bacon should be used like bread buns, so make sure the slices cover the whole surface of your burger. Now, with the content properly preserved, you would want to put in the pieces which make this kind of burger into a disturbingly delicious turtle. You will need three pieces of hot-dog sausages per burger; or just a couple of long ones. Cut them in order to end up with 4 feet, a head and a tail. Take a knife and fashion the fingers and tail of the turtle. Secure shut all of your contents with the bacon and some toothpicks. Throw onto the grill until the sausages become crispy and your bacon gets a nice golden brown color. Enjoy!