DIY - Paper Flowers

If you want to make a nice surprise for someone, but you’re kind of short of money, don’t worry as there are plenty of ways to create cheap but nice gifts. For instance for this next paper flower, you’ll need very few materials, a bit of patience and skills and the gift will be ready in no more then 15 minutes

You will need the following materials:

·         two or three sheets of colored paper or one large sheets;
·         florists tape;
·         cork;
·         wire;
·         decorator's tape;
·         a pair of scissors;
·         one craft knife;

If you couldn’t find the exact colors of paper you like, you can always buy watercolor and paint the paper yourself. Paint 2 or 3 sheets of paper so you can join them together.  Use the craft knife to cut thin strips of paper. If you are using a large sheet you can proceed to the next step, if not, then first join the sheets by gluing them together. Roll the strips of paper as shown in the picture and secure them with tape. Use green paper to make the leaves of the flower and fold them in the center to make the center vein of the leaf. Use tape to secure the leaves to the bottom of the flower. Cut a piece of the cork and use the wire to push it through the center of the flower. Twist the ends of the wire. Place the cork heart in the center of the flower. Cover the ends of the wire with tape and apply florist tape to the base of the flower. Your paper flower is ready!