The Ironing Board/Mirror

This next item is a very useful one for all the ladies who like to be neat and elegant all the time. The great thing about it is the two-in-one aspect, and namely that it is both an ironing table and a mirror. The object is called „madame est servie” and it has two positions: one horizontal one, when it becomes an ironing board and one vertical position when it transforms to a mirror. It has a lock that helps you secure it in every position and you won’t have to worry about its stability. The ironing board/mirror can be cleaned easily as it from a material that is both high quality and very practical to use. In case you don’t have a larger mirror in your home, but you would like to see your outfit before going out in town or at work, then the mirror will be very helpful as it is long enough to see yourself from head to toe in it. Once you have found the perfect spot for this object you can use it in your day to day activities as it is easy to lift and you can just grab it and take it exactly where you need it to be. If you don’t have much space in your home this ironing board/mirror is also very easy to store as you can just secure it in the vertical position and place it behind or near your drawer.