Cute Elephant `Painting` Out Of Buttons

You might see more and more complex DIY projects out there on the internet. Some will teach you how to make exquisite dishes and some will show you how to build yourself an entire home out of logs. We'll show you how to make a cute elephant `painting` out of buttons, which can go perfectly as a baby shower gift! This is all that you will need:

·         a bunch of colorful buttons;
·         a piece of cardboard or canvas;
·         glue;
·         (optional) pencil or marker;
·         a black frame;

We want to warn you that the following steps do require some artistic skills of a 4 year-old. So, firstly think about what the elephant should look like. You can simply copy the example shown here or come up with a more authentic one. While you're at it, feel free to experiment with different poses of the elephant, or any other kind of animal for that matter! If you like a slug, then do the snail; it's entirely up to you. The next steps are quite easy and will transport you to the days of craft classes in school. Glue each button, one at a time, to the canvas or cardboard. Use different type of colored buttons to mimic different objects, like grass or balloons. You could use a pencil or marker in order to make some of the smoother or not the easy shapes: the little heart or the string for the balloons. When the glue has dried completely and your `painting` has hardened, put a black frame around it. Done!