DIY Weave Drinking Straws Into Baskets

Did you know you could use a straw for other things besides drinking? With only a couple of dollars and a rather patient personality, you are able to design this kind of handmade awesomeness. Today we present you with a DIY challenge: try to weave a basket out of drinking straws. It might seem hard, but with a picture tutorial, it will feel much easier. Here is the list of necessary materials:

·         a bunch of straws;
·         some small paper clips;
·         a pair of scissors;

First, cut the straws into equal size smaller pieces. Fold them up in a similar way we did in the first image. Then, continue with attaching the other pieces of straws. You should have a bunch of 4 interlacing squares with one smaller square gap here and there. Check the photo for guidance. Some paper clips will help you tighten the loose ends, so your structure won't fall apart. Next, tie the other side to the whole. When you're done with all sides and have reached the top, use a scissor to cut off the ends of the straws. Done!