What Do The Designers Recommend To Us?

What do the designers recommend to us?We all want an abode whose decoration to bear a renown designer’s signature, even though this thing generally means a considerable budget. Notwithstanding we can convert our dreams into reality offering to the house that style an elegance that are specific to the greatest interior design houses only, and we can do that by the aid of the simplest, least sophisticated pieces of furniture that could otherwise have great impact in terms of decorative accents.Clear lines, the combination of colors and the individual accents will mark the arrangement style, while acquiring expensive pieces of furniture or precious materials could be reduced to minimum.Those young persons who choose arrange their house in a more elegant way, opt for simple forms and sometimes to much color. A sofa, a shelf or a library represents the ‘highlight’ of the room. They may be acquired from a famous brand’s workshop. In other words, the costs will be high as well. The budget could be more balanced by reducing the expanditure on decorations.
A pleasant ambiance is offered by the aspect of the walls too. Light shades as cream, grey and white are highly recommended. A smaller room will seem larger if using such shades. Still, at the same time, the house risks to seem monotonous. To avoid this, a wall can be painted in vivid violet, blue or green. Besides, these cold colors give the impression of ampleness. The patterned wallpaper is another fashionable accessory. But we have to take care to avoid using it in smaller houses or rooms, since they create the sensation of cramped and loaded space. Those tattoos specially created for decorating the walls are also very appreciate by youngsters. These one can represent an abstract drawing or a certain message made up of words or images.If we want to give to our house a more sophisticated and futurist look, the designers recommend to us the simple, clear forms, the finished surfaces and the black-and-white furniture. To these elements, they also add other materials, as glass and iron. In the case of armchairs or in that of sofas, one’s fantasy knows no limits, therefore any spots of color are allowed.
Their owners, a young couple open to everything new and modern-minded, wanted a house of different tendencies, being warm and hospitable at the same time..The modern-furnished interior, that fits the present tendencies, the black-and-white chromatic, the attention paid to details and the ideas of optimizing the space, found in the overall decoration, mean a professional designer’s intervention and how this could transform an ordinary flat of a block in a home magazine.As the house did dispose of large spaces, the decorator started from white, as a basic color used for the walls, then she combined present shades of black, purple and pale colors (as grey and beige). In fact, the black-and-white combination is to be found in the decoration of each room.