Comfy Chair Cushioned with Built-In Storage

 Is this the lost-and-found paradise? A unique and comfortable chair plans to be your perfect companion during your lounging activity. Although seen as a traditional enemy to keeping your keys, money, pens and other small objects safe, this one cushioned chair will impress you from the very moment you lay your eyes on it. The design is genius! Mimicking the process of a normal pin cushion, Daisuke Motogi Architecture took the entire world by surprise when it applied the same principle to a chair. The clever piece of furniture is made from pixel-like pads that cover its whole surface. And it does so with the most care for comfort possible! Both inside the chair and outside it, slots are formed between the pads that will act like holders for almost any type of object that you will likely have in this sort of environment (books, remotes, drinks). It might be a bit tricky to clean it, but the Lost & Found Comfortable Chair will definitely be a blessing for your home. A perfect addition to the interior design and a useful holder for all of your stuff!