The House on Wheels – for Those Who Like to Admire Each Morning a Different Landscape

The mobile house.The house on wheels or the trailer, as many prefer to name it, became an alternative of the hotels, favored lately by those who like to admire each morning a different landscape.If generally, the trailer is used just for vacations, only very few actually living in such a house, in many countries, this kind of living became a natural and often met case. It is true that such a house doesn’t offer you the space and the comfort of a built one or of an apartment, but these houses also present many advantages.The trailers are ideal for vacations, if you plan a several-week holiday. Equipped accordingly, the trailer may successfully replace the hotel rooms, therefore your vacation won’t depend neither on the length of the itinerary, nor on reservation or the crepuscule.
These small houses on wheels endowed with the latest equipment, giving thus to you the comfort you need. But, as any other house otherwise, the trailers present both advantages and disadvantages. The freedom of movement, the time spent in nature, the costs that are significantly lowered, and the exclusion of a fixed schedule, are only few criteria of the top of the advantage list. Let us also not to forget that we have the possibility to decorate the space according to our own preferences and everyone’s necessities. In terms of pets, we don’t even have to mention them, since this time you’re free to take your little four-legged one along with you in vacation.
Among the disadvantages, one may consider the following aspects: the narrow space from within the trailer, the high fuel consumption and a low driving speed. Plus, it is not easily to find a special camping place. This places that make available electricity, water and sewerage are almost nonexistent in our country. Even though the number of those who acquire trailers is increasing, no one builds camping places specially dedicated to this type of tourism.However, this inconvenience doesn’t exclude the possibility of placing your trailer anywhere else you want, you just won’t benefit of the necessary amenities, having thus the obligation of managing all these on your own. Balancing the advantages and the disadvantages, you’re able to opt for a well and minutely scheduled vacation, with hotel reservations and timing, and an unplanned vacation without having anything planned before, enjoying both the nature and your ‘faraway from home house’.
Have you known?
The most expensive trailer of the world costs no lesser than 2 million pounds and it is placed in Dubai. The house on wheels has its body gold plated. In the bedroom, there is a bed with a 40-inch diagonal TV, a bar and a luxurious fireplace.The trailer has even a terrace on the roof, while the lighting system is also very special, and the heating is made by the aid of an innovative system placed on the floor.And because in Dubai the opulence immediately attracts, the generous clients, some sheikhs, have already presented their interest in this luxurious trailer.The vehicle was made so that he could be used by businessmen who are always on the road, but also by rich families who wish to travel around the world.