8 Ways To Recycle Bottle Caps

Bottle caps are small things that you usually throw away after opening your drink. Maybe you should think twice, as these objects can be recycled and used in many kinds of DIY projects. They are a cheap way to decorate objects or to add some extra style to your accessories and decorations. We will now show you ten creative ways in which you can use the once thought to be useless bottle caps.
The first idea can be put into practice by those of you who have a bar at home. You can use the bottle caps, to decorate it in different colors and shapes. You will need a lot of them, so either you start saving them or you can go and ask some friends around or even the local bars, to give you the caps they would throw away anyway. When you gathered all the caps you need to cover the top of your bar, you can start arranging them in a way you like.
Another great idea is to make coasters out of the bottle caps. You will need 9 caps for each coaster, and you can arrange them by categories. For example juice caps, for coasters that you will use while drinking juice, and so on. Or you can also arrange them by color. Don’t think so much about how to arrange them, you don’t need to follow any rules, just try to have fun while making these coaster.

You can also create your own artwork with these caps. You have a wall that seems empty and needs to be decorated? These caps can come in handy when creating a piece of art for the wall. Just display them in a frame, and that is all.
For the next project you won’t need as many caps as for those above. You just need a few caps that match in color and that will give your serving a new look. Take the caps and glue them to the inside of the tray and just pour some acrylic water over them.
You can also try and make some magnets out of the bottle caps, so you can leave messages for your loved ones, hot glue some magnets to the bottom of the caps, paint them with fun colors and that is all

If you have a wall that seems plain, you can make it more fun by covering it with caps.

Also if you have a mirror which needs to be decorated you can make a rounded frame for it out of bottle caps. Again, use your imagination to make it as unique as possible.

Another cute idea is to make a calendar from bottle caps, by gluing magnets to the bottom of the caps. You will need cardboard and a number of 65 caps, different colors of acrylic paint, a hot glue gun, sand paper and some magnets. This is one of our favorite ideas so far.