Heart Puzzle Cookie Cutter

Being creative in the kitchen is getting harder and harder. Recipes are diversifying a lot these days, but the secret behind an ingenious menu to show off with is in the tools you use. This heart puzzle shape cutter is one that will melt your cake and your heart as well. The cookie cutter is much bigger than you might originally think, measuring about 4 inches high and 5 inches wide. Suited for making all kinds of cookies and treats, the heart puzzle cutter is made out of tinplate. It features a pair of cutter hearts which can't help but merge into one. It's an un-expensive (about 30$) and creative gift which will go great at a wedding, Valentine's Day, Anniversary or Bridal Shower. An important thing to mention is the maintenance of the tin cutters. They should never be allowed to soak in water, but be Washed and dried immediately after you use them, and placed in a warm oven to make sure they're completely dry.