Frozen Banana Penguin Snack

If you don't have an idea for a healthy and fun snack for this time of the year, here is a nice tutorial on how to make a frozen banana penguin snack. It will be great for the kids after a big lunch. Here is a list of necessary ingredients:

a couple of bananas;
chocolate chips;
a pack of M&M's;
(optional) edible sugar eyes;

The recipe is quite easy, but the arrangement is the one that give it its fun and flavor. Start by microwaving the bowl of chips for 30 seconds. Take them out the oven and stir the chips. Put back in for another 30 seconds. Next, cut the bananas in half. Take one bit and dip it in chocolate in order to make the top side of the penguin. Put in some M&M's to mimic the eyes and beak. Take a teaspoon and pour some chocolate on the bottom side of the penguin. Cut in half a couple of M&M's and place as feet. Put on a tin foil and stick in the freezer for 20 to 30 minutes. Take out and enjoy!