How to Build Up a Bar?

How to build up a bar? If you want to dedicate an area of your home for the construction of a bar of a unique design next to which you can pass some time in your friends’ company or you can watch a football match from behind it, you have to start from some basic ideas which will guide you in your approach.
There are many reasons why somebody wishes to have a bar of his own, at the end of the list being situated his own comfort. Some people find hard to go out or they just don’t have the time for such outdoor escapades. This is why it is ideal for them to have a bar of their own, so they could also benefit of those precious relaxing moments spend next to their friends and enjoying together a glass of wine.
Before acquiring the materials you need to build up the bar, you should firstly consider the style in which you’d prefer your bar to be: traditional, contemporary or a combination of them. You can add, of course, surprising elements, according to your personal preferences. It is important to start from a design sketch, from an overall image on which you can afterwards build and add elements of detail. The accessories you opt for together with the atmosphere you create, also depending on the surface dedicated to this purpose, will offer uniqueness to your bar. You may try the sport design: it is that kind of a bar which you can use when you watch your favorite games or next to which you can relax after you have finished an ‘indoor’ game. Therefore it is quite appropriate to decorate it with a TV-set, a billiard table, a dartboard etc; or the casino theme bar: it will surely delight your guests. For this one, you can use as accessories a globe lightening, a table for poker and even a roulette can be added. The retro bar: made up of old pieces as wine barrels, old wardrobes or an old table. With little money, these pieces of furniture can be restored and converted into real pieces used in bars, giving thus to your own bar a retro overtone.
The bar is usually placed in the living room or next to the room where the meal is served (kitchen), in a semi-open place, serving thus as a perfect corner for relaxation and conversation. Its shape and dimensions will be chosen according to the available space in your house, depending also on the owner’s preferences – there is a diversified range of model on the market.
Another important aspect you should take into account is the budget you have for this purpose. This will also influence your options when buying the elements your bar will be made of. Depending on your amount of money you have, there are low-budget bars, consisting of old pieces of furniture, or high-budget bars, these one being true pieces of luxury. You may store the beverage in an icebox or you can opt for a simple glass cabinet; you may also have inside your bar a sink connected to a water source, or you can use the sink from the kitchen to wash the dirty glasses. All these details differ from budget to budget and they have to be considered before you really build up the bar.
There are other aspects that you have to take into account as well, besides the style, theme, placement or budget: the color (it has to resonate with the color scheme of the house or with that of the room where the bar is going to be set), the accessories and the beverage stock.