Decorating Your Room in a Rustic Way - Log Bookshelf

Ever thought about decorating your room in a rustic way? Well, if you have that in mind, then this idea of a log bookshelf will come in handy. It seems a bit odd at first, but a log can look really natural inside your home if it is combined with other matching decor elements. If you like rustic designs and want to bring nature in your home, a bookshelf that looks like a log can be the right choice. This shelf is a hidden one, because when you close the door of this log drawer, you can't see the books inside. When your friends will step into your home, they will be amazed by the fact that you have a log in your room. But at a closer look, they will see that it is a great storage place for books. This log bookshelf has 5 compartments, where you can store your books and will contribute to the creation of a unique atmosphere in your home.