DIY Plastic Bottle Helicopter

Many kids want that cool airplane they saw in the commercial during their favorite cartoon show the day before. Or the cars they see other children at school or kindergarten play with. If you want your kid to still have fun, but don’t want to pay extra for this, then you can make a unique and eco toy, right at home. The DIY plastic bottle helicopter is just the perfect example.
Materials needed:
• 1 plastic bottle (with the lid on)
• 3 straws
• 1 ping-pong ball
• Scissor
• glue and tape
The manufacturing process is fairly easy. It involves making a hole in the lid for the tail of the helicopter. Then cut the bottle to the desired size for your toy. Glue the ball to the bottle to mimic a cabin. Cut the straws in 5 pieces; see the images for guidelines. Use them to build the propellers and landing pad. Attach them to the rest of the helicopter. Give it a try. It’s the same fun as one from Toys “R” Us.