Transform a Trampoline Into a Lavish White Hanging Lounge

Do you sometimes wonder why we spend so much money on intricate pieces of design that could simply be handmade from another piece of furniture lying around the house? It’s exactly the case with this creative and quite simple idea of transforming an ordinary trampoline into a lavish white hanging lounge. All you need for turning this project into reality is:

·         a trampoline;
·         some strong rope or wire;
·         a big piece of white sheet;
·         long white curtains;

First, remove the metal legs from the trampoline. Then decorate the sideline with rope or any type of fabric you would like. This way, you conceal the metal ring that won't blend into the overall design of a white lounge. Next, cover the rubber surface (needles to mention that you should remove any other piece of decoration - like the blue canvas - from the trampoline) with the sheet. You can sew it to its own ends on the bottom side of the trampoline. Now, before fashioning the baldachin (or canopy) from the curtains, make sure you attach some strong pieces of rope or wire (if that's available to you) to the metal ring. Voila!