How to Decorate a Small Kitchen?

1. Keep the strictly necessary only. Try to be drastic and to choose those things that you really use frequently. The number of the plates, the dishes, the cups and the glasses has to be approximately equal to that of the family members. The rest of the accessories can be stored in boxes in other parts of the house, in the limber box or in the balcony. The broom or the cleansers can be placed in the bathroom, the stove trays or the pans can be put in the limber box, while the vegetables could be stored in the balcony.
2. Find another place for the fridge. The fridge, the freezer, or the refrigerator can be placed in the hall of the house or in the balcony, if it is closed. The main advantage is saving the space which the fridge would have occupied, including the opening area of the doors. The second aspect considered is the fact that sometimes in the kitchen the temperature is increased because of the steams, phenomenon that can damage a fridge which doesn’t benefit of a higher degree of tolerance because of the environmental temperature.
3. Use hanging shelves. A divided shelve of textile material, hanged by the cornice in one corner of the kitchen, for example, will save a considerable space. What can you put here? Plastic bags and handbags, your correspondence and bills, drugs, matches, sweets, in conclusion, almost any small thing. These trifles generally occupy space and create the feeling of agglomeration and chaos.
4 .Buy folding chairs. There are lots of reasons that nowadays make the idea of a lunch in family to sound impossible. Maybe in your family, the each and every member eats in a hurry at no matter what hours. But this is just the perfect excuse for not buying folding chairs. Folded and neatly stored, they will occupy very little space, leaving you the possibility of moving freely in the kitchen when cooking or cleaning. Besides, you’ll also avoid the embarrassing moments when uninvited guests knock at your door.
5 .Opt for a multifunctional table. Get rid of the rectangular, large table. Choose an elongated one which can be attached to a wall or can be placed perpendicularly, leaving you enough space for freely moving around it. With a 1-m length and 40-cm width table you can realize an excellent compromise. Such an article can be endowed with interior, metallic, well divided shelves, so that you can store bottles (in a specially created area), the bread box, papers, wipes or even plates. This way, you transform a piece of furniture of a single functionality into a substantial storage space.
6. Create a space for household objects. If normally these are placed randomly everywhere in the kitchen, following the route of the closest extension cord, now it is the moment to gather them in a single place. A complex of shelves placed on a free wall can help you to find somewhere where to put all the household objects of your kitchen. At Ikea, you’ll find shelves and supports of different dimensions so to create your own complex. Choose the width of a wall and the smallest possible depth (minimum equal to that of the microwave). Thus, on the superior shelve you may place the cafetière, the coffee grinder, the blender, because these ones make use of unlimited space when used. On the following shelve, place the microwave. Attentively measure it and limit the dimension of this shelve to that of the microwave so to be left more space for the next shelve. This, because the microwave has frontal opening. Use the last shelve for the toaster, grill, mixer, or popcorn machine. Beware! Leave little space between the shelves and the wall so that the cables to be placed as neatly and safely as possible. Put on each shelve an extension cord for every machine so to stay worriless.