Apple Braid Recipe


When you're craving for an apple dessert, but aren't exactly in the mood for baking a pie, here's a little trick you might try: a cross between a pie and a doughnut. Read and follow the instructions from this page and you will end up with a delicious, mouth-watering, soft and lightly sweet bread, with a cinnamon apple filling and vanilla cream glaze. To make the apple braid, you need to grab the following ingredients.

Apple Filling:
·         three apples;
·         three tbls of granulated sugar;
·         a teaspoon and a half of cinnamon;
·         two teaspoons of lemon juice;

·         two and a half cups of bread flour;
·         a quarter of a cup of granulated sugar;
·         a tbls of instant yeast;
·         a teaspoon of salt;
·         a cup of warm water;
·         two teaspoons of vegetable oil;

·         a third of a cup of sifted confectioner’s sugar;
·         five teaspoons of whipping cream;
·         half a teaspoon of vanilla extract;
·         a pinch of nutmeg and kosher salt;

Start by slicing the apples into little pieces and combine them with sugar, cinnamon, and lemon juice. Put these into an 8" baking pan for 15 minutes into the 350 degrees F preheated oven. Meanwhile, make the bread by mixing the flour with sugar and yeast. Stir for another 6 minutes after you've added the oil and warm water. When it's ready to use, roll it into a large round-edged rectangle, just like in the image. Next, use a knife to fashion strips into the two sides of the dough.

Take the apple filling, which should have been done and also rested for a while by now, and spread them onto the middle of the future bread. Beginning with the top strips, crisscross from side to side in order to make the braid pattern, all the way down. Be careful of the ends, maybe press a bit on with your hands to seal the dough properly. Put in the same preheated oven for almost half an hour or sooner, depending when it gets that tasty golden brown color.

Before the bread is done, prepare the glaze by blending all the ingredients together until they become a smooth mixture. When the braid starts to cool, use a brush and apply the glaze all over it. It's recommended you transfer the braid from the pan on a fresh baking sheet after you glazed it, so it won't get soggy at the bottom. It looks great. And it tastes even better!