Creative and Cheap Ideas to Organize Your Kids’ Toys

A kid’s room can get really messy: toys lying around the room, pencils and books on the desk. A lot of small things that can easily get lost under the bed or other pieces of furniture. Organizing this mess can seem an impossible task, but luckily there are plenty of great ideas of how to organize a kid’s room. The ideas presented are all unique and cheap to put into practice. You probably have most of the materials you will have to use to create these projects at home.

The main idea is to make the organizers look as colorful as possible as they will attract your child's attention and will blend nicely with the rest of the room. Use plastic bottles as storage units for pencils, scissors and other craft supplies. All you need to do is cut off the top part of the bottle and tie a ribbon to the bottle or add some stickers to it. Another great idea is to cut the bottom of the bottles and add a zipper. You can sew the zipper to the bottle and create a pencil case this way.

To store pencils and crayons, you can also use old cans. Stack the cans one on top of the other, creating a shelf and place the crayons inside. Wrap the cans in patterned paper and no one will ever notice what was the use of these metal containers before. You can also install the cans on the wall to create a cute little work station. Use your old electronic devices to create something new. Make an awesome box out of your old keyboard. You can also use an old computer monitor or TV case as a book shelf. Remove the screen and place all books and magazines inside.

You can always create nice decoration out of old carton containers, such as milk and cereal boxes. You can cut the material easily and give it a new shape, then wrap it in colorful paper to look more cheerful. Store the drawings of your child in these or their craft supplies. So as you can see, there are a lot of items in our homes that can be recycled into creative organizers for a kids room.