DIY Pallet Office Desk

Wooden pallets are really popular nowadays in modern design. They can be used in order to create new furniture in your home and are also a great option if you like DIY projects. Below we will present you some pictures about how you can make yourself your own wooden pallet desk. The most fun part of it is that you can choose everything from the size of the desk, to the color you want to paint the pallets and even the shape and the design of your desk. So one of the exemples we are showing you, also includes the use of glass, which was placed on the top of the pallet desk. The glass will create a clean and minimalistic impression and it's ideal place would be in a modern office. You can also add some storage space to the desk. The next design is made out of reused pallets and it has a lot of extra storage space. What is interesting in the next design is the fact that the base of it is a piece of an older wooden table, and it was reused in order to create this new design. But there are plenty more options when it comes to pallet desks, for instance you can create a desk without legs which you will then install on the wall and create a suspended desk. You can also opt for a pallet desk with a more rustic look. There are plenty ideas and designs you can make when trying to build yourself a pallet desk. The pictures below are all posted here in order to help you find the best design for your room and for your taste. Now all you have to do is scroll down, gather some pallets and start having fun.