DIY Special Finger-less Gloves

Having a lovely pair of gloves is not about spending as much money as you can on it, but making the best of a design. That’s why a bold DIY project will always make it worth your time. For accomplishing this, you will only need these:

·         a pair of cheap gloves;
·         needle and thread;
·         a pair of scissors;
·         (optional) some bows made out of ribbon or fabric;
·         (optional) a couple of beads;

The steps are rather rudimental. Simply take the fingers of the glove and cut off a bit from each. Then stitch all cuts so the glove will look nice and clean. Work on the inside-out so the sewing process will be hidden. Try to decorate it even further by stitching a bow or a flower made out of fabric onto each glove. Place some beads to make it extra stylish. And there you have it: some nice finger-less gloves.