Peacock Nails

Making sure your nails look great doesn't only mean you use the best product, but you apply the chicest art work. One example of style is the peacock. With this colorful animal inspired pattern, your nails will look as majestic as the bird itself. Here is what you need to have and do.

  • a base coat;
  • some black nail polish;
  • a light blue polish (glittery);
  • a top coat;
To achieve the desired result, you will have to apply a base coat first. Remember to let each coat to dry before going further. Now, put on 2 coats of black polish. Next, it's time to use the light blue to draw a U shape. Start with a semi-oval, just like in the image, then put black over it. Now, to make the design similar to a peacock's beautiful tail, apply a final shape with the light blue. You could also add some glitter nail polish on the final coat. Let it dry, of course. Finish by adding the top coat. Done!