DIY - Vase From A Bottle

People think that DIY is only suited for the ones who have artistic skills. That's not entirely true. Sure, you need a bit of taste for art, but who doesn't have that? Even when we're young we like to draw with certain colors and in certain ways. Here is a little experiment you can try in order to make it more clear if you like doing DIY projects. Learn how to make a gradient vase out with the help of some regular daily objects:

·         an empty bottle of vodka;
·         a can of metallic spray paint;
·         some cotton rope;
·         a lighter;
·         some nail polish remover;

The process of cutting the bottle is quite easy and involves high school physics. First, make sure you removed all of the labels from the bottle. Then, take the rope and wrap it 5 or 6 times around the place you want to cut. Remove it from the bottle (don't untie it!) and soak in the nail polish remover. Put it back on and light up the rope, rotating gently so the fire will go through the entire length of the rope. Work over a sink filled with cold water.

When the flame starts to go out, plunge the bottle into cold water. It will simply split at the desired location. You could sand the edges in order to give it a soft feel. Next, spray the bottom side of the bottle with the metallic spray paint. Place some flowers in and you're done! It looks like it has been done by a professional.


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