Sliding Screen Doors

This porch is simply amazing. The sliding door was a clever choice, as it lets in fresh air and the screen makes it possible for you to sea the outside world, but also keep you protected. The best part is that it lets in plenty of sunshine, but it prevents rain from coming in and keeps bugs and spiders away from the interior. It is ideal for those who have young kids and pets as you can let the go outside and play on the porch, and be sure that they are doing well, as you will be able to see everything from the inside. And plus the sliding doors are very safe as they are not easy to open and your children and animals won't be able to pull them apart easily. You can try to build these doors yourself, as you will only need 4 bars, 2 for the top and 2 for the bottom, on which your sliding doors will move. Also some rollers for a smoother slide, planks, netting for the actual doors, hammer, nails, and varnish for the finishing of your doors. At the end, you can install some lights to make your porch brighter and that is all.