Designing a Stylish Blouse


Fashion is one domain that we all tend to experiment with as teens. Back in the days, when the internet was not the resourceful tool it is today, you had to go with your instincts when designing a stylish blouse almost from scratch. Now, you have this tutorial to help you. Take:

  • a flexible and thin fabric;
  • a pair of scissors;
  • a sewing machine;

Of course, you would want to make this to fit your size. So, take the appropriate measurements and replace them with the ones that you see in the pictures. After this, it's time for the cutting and sewing. First, make the `belt` from a strip of the material. After doing all the cuts, mark 8 folds. Poke these folds and angle them inward with the iron. Sew the belt on the down side of the blouse. Iron the seam. Continue to assemble the two parts together. For the sleeves and neckline, fold the fabric 2 times at 1 cm wide and pin. Sew the seam by hand. The blueprint indications are not that clear, but as said before, fashion is one area in which the trial-and-error philosophy rules.