Lunch Box From a Milk Jug.

There are lots of products out in stores which may cost you up to 20$ but in fact could be easily made with a cost of 1$! Case in point: a lunch box or small container. Instead of spending one month’s allowance on an object you could simply make do it yourself, learn how to make a useful container by repurposing an item you already have at home; like this lunch box from a milk jug. Here is the list of necessary items:

·         an empty milk jug;
·         a marker;
·         a pair of scissors;
·         a button;
·         thread and needle;
·         some embroidery floss;
·         an elastic band;
·         (optional) some decorative scrapbook paper;
·         (optional) a brush;
·         (optional) a bit of Mod Podge;

The steps for achieving such a creative object are few and fairly easy. After you clean the milk jug (in and out), take a marker and draw half a circle on each side of the jug. You should have 3 of these half circles of the same height and the other one a lot taller; the last one should best go opposite the side of the jug's handle, and should be referred to as the lid. Now check to see if the flaps you fashioned fold down properly. If the don't, take the scissors again and work on each corner of your container, in order to make longer slits.

Then, take a large button and sew it on the outside of the lid flap. Use the scissors to make a whole underneath the bottom base of the container. Take a rubber band (preferably one which you use for your hair) half way through the hole you just made and tie a knot on the inside just like in the image. You are almost done. Try to make it more appealing my decorating it. You could write something with decorative paper and Mod Podge. Finally, there you have it: your own lunch box or container from a 1$ empty milk jug.