Colored Washi Tape Clutch

As spring is approaching faster and faster, you will also need to purchase some new spring-like accessories. This means you should focus on searching for vivid colors that will upgrade your winter look. But if you don't want to spend a lot of money accessorizing this spring, you should create your own accessories. How, you should ask? Well it is actually quite easy, you just have to follow these simple steps below and you will have your own neon colored Washi tape clutch. Washi tape is a Japanese masking tape, made out of rice paper and you can find it in a great variety of colors. You can practically decorate anything with this tape, you just need a little bit of imagination.

·         some Washi tape ( choose the colors you like);
·         poly envelope;
·         a pair of scissors;
·         some Mod Podge;
·         a brush;
·         x-acto knife;
·         a button;
·         thread and needle

Start by taping the Washi tape on the envelope. Begin at the bottom of the envelope and cover it step by step until you get to the bottom part. Once the envelope is covered in tape and you got the pattern you want, take the x-acto knife and cut out the Velcro openings that you have taped over. Cover the Washi tape with the Mod Podge, this will seal the layer and will protect it. Let it dry and proceed to the last step. Select a nice and stylish button and sew it on the top cover of your clutch. And there you have it: a great clutch that will perfectly match both your evening and day outfit and will definitely be something one of a kind.