DIY Chandelier With Rope Globe

What we have here is a beautiful DIY project for any house. Having a unique chandelier is a reason to brag to friends, when they are your guests. Below is a list with what you need and a tutorial how to make. Follow the steps to make this cute DIY chandelier with rope globe.
Things you need:
- String of what nuance you want
- A balloon
- Glue / glue
- Cable with  ceramic socket and bulb
- A needle
- Pen / marker
- Patience

How you do it:
Inflate the balloon to the desired dimension. Trace a circle in the bottom of the balloon. Begin to cover the rope around the balloon as in image and glue the overlapping space until you have wrapped all the rope. Allow to dry ( 24 hours) then smash the balloon with the needle and eliminate it attentively. Put wiring and it is done! You will have a new chandelier.