Transform A Plastic Bottle Into A Flower Pot

It is very simple to recycle a water, juice or soda bottle into a flower pot. You will need: a knife, acrylic paint and a little imagination to turn an old plastic bottle into a beautiful and funny flower pot. It’s a cheap and easy Do It Yourself project. The plastic bottles pots can be placed inside or outside and you can plant ornamental or aromatic plants in them. Play with your children and realize fun plastic pots. Look here for some ideas.
Take the wall of hanging soda bottles as inspiration and design your own eco wall. Use the DIY plastic bottle flower pots to express your artistic side. You can shape them into animals or birds, like swans, and place them in the garden. Show your true emotions and plant some bright looking flowers in one of the homemade plastic pots and hang it next to your front door. This way, people will great you with a big smile on their faces.