Crepes Cake Recipe

We all love the traditional pancake, because it's easy to make and ready in no time. For those of you who want something even more delicious, how about making a cake out of crepes and dulce de leche? Here is what you need to do:

one and a quarter cup of whole milk;
four large eggs;
one and a quarter cup of all-purpose flour;
a quarter cup of unsweetened cocoa powder;
a quarter cup of granulated sugar;
three quarters teaspoon of vanilla extract;
one eight teaspoon of kosher salt;
unsalted melted butter;
two sticks of softened butter;
two and three quarter cups of confectioners' sugar;
a cup of jarred dulce de leche;
a cup of heavy cream;

Mix the first seven ingredients in a bowl and place the batter in the fridge for half an hour. Then, bake about 18 pancakes with the mix. Let it cool for a while. Meanwhile, make the filling of your cake. Do this by mixing softened butter with the cups of confectioners' sugar, until it's fluffy. Pour in the dulce de leche and stir until the mixture is well combined.

To assemble the cake, just build layers of pancake and filling until you are satisfied with the height or you run out of materials. Finally, decorate the cake with a mix of beaten heavy cream and confectioners' sugar. Drizzle dulce de leche on top and serve right away. Bon appetite!