Valentine Craft-Sparkling Heart Dish

 This craft idea seems to have a great success with kids, as it is simple and cute. If you are planning to spend your Valentine's evening with your children, then you should try and make it fun by creating together something nice. The craft is called Sparkling heart dish and in order to make it, you will need:

·         Crayola air dry clay (from a 2.5 lb container you will get 12 bowls);
·         a bag of flat back acrylic rhinestones;

Start by making a rounded shape from the clay, just like a small ball. Push your thumb in the middle of the clay ball, then start pulling the sides of the ball. This way you will get a rounded bowl. Now make the heart shape, by pinching the bottom and the top of the bowl. Now select the rhinestones you would like to use to decorate the bowl. Add them to the heart shape and make sure you press each stone a bit with your fingertips, to fix them. Otherwise they will just fall out. You can also add smaller stones to the sides of the bowl. After that leave the dish to dry for 10 hours and it will be ready. Your kids will really love this project and the heart shaped dish can be a nice Valentine's gift too.